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duties of lawyers ,   professional standards ,   BCI rules for lawyers ,   non solicit rule for lawyers

Whenever a layman faces a legal problem, he tries to find a reliable and efficient lawyer who can solve his case and provide him effective remedies on payment of an affordable fee. But the faith of the general public in professional advocates and lawyers is quite bleak.

Soli J. Sorabjee states...

By Lawfarm Team September 07, 2016
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rights of senior citizens ,   senior citizens act ,   policy for older person ,   old age ,   old age home ,   maintenance for senior citizen ,   senior citizens insurance

Aging is a natural process, which occurs in a human life cycle. It brings about lots of changes in the life of the elderly, which are mostly by the changes in their body, mind, thought and the living patterns.

As per the UNESCO estimates, the number of the aged (60 plus) was likely to be 590...

By Lawfarm Team August 31, 2016
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