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money recovery ,   pending dues ,   debt ,   recovery of pending dues ,   summary suit ,   arbitration ,   mediation ,   alternate dispute resolution ,   conciliation ,   civil suit ,   FIR

Be it your employer sitting on your rightful dues, your client refusing to pay you the rightful amount or a builder refraining from returning the amount he has charged you in excess, you might come across any of the unfortunate aforementioned situations. How does one deal with such a case?


By Lawfarm Team December 28, 2017
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500 ,   1000 ,   500 note demonetise ,   500 1000 notes india ,   demonetisation policy ,   rbi ,   narendra modi 500 1000 ,   black money ,   corruption ,   hawala ,   india currency demonetisation ,   five hundred ,   one thousand ,   new notes

Declaring Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations worthless in a span of four hours is a bold move.

It has definitely led to host of questions, flooding the internet, the newspapers, and of course, the minds of common people. Can this really be done? What will I do now? How can we transact now?


By Lawfarm Team November 15, 2016
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Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act ,   POSCO ,   child sexual abuse ,   action against child sexual abuse ,   report ,   child porn ,   child pornography

If your child has been sexually abused, law provides a remedy. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (‘Act’) provides a remedy for cases of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

Who is protected under the Act? This Act protects any child younger than eighteen years of age;

Therefore, the...

By Lawfarm Team September 20, 2016
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gst ,   goods and services bill ,   goods and services tax

After a decade’s wait, the Rajya Sabha has finally passed the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill also called as the (One Hundred and Twenty-Second Amendment) Bill, 2014, and it’s soon going to be a reality in 2017. The passing of this bill has been lauded as one of the biggest pieces of reform...

By Lawfarm Team September 14, 2016
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abortion in india ,   is abortion legal ,   liability of doctor for abortion ,   medical termination of pregnancy act ,   rape victim abortion

An analysis of the Medical termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971

The Abortion laws in India are governed by the Medical termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

Section 3 of the Act allows termination of pregnancy within twelve weeks, in the following two situations

1. When the medical practitioner is...

By Lawfarm Team August 31, 2016
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pre marital sex ,   illegal ,   sex before marriage ,   adultery ,   public display of affection

It is quite evident that Indian society is very puritanical about sexual intercourse before marriage or anything that is sexual. Under Indian law sex before marriage is not an offense. It is just that majority of the Indian society finds it immoral but their morality does not form the law of the...

By Lawfarm Team August 31, 2016
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Trade Secrets ,   protection ,   Protection of Design ,   confidential information ,   non disclosure ,   Intellectual Property Right ,   injunction ,   how to protect data

What are Trade Secrets?
For a general definition of Trade Secrets, we can consider from NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), according to which trade secrets are information having commercial value, which is not in the public domain, for which reasonable steps have been taken to maintain...

By Lawfarm Team August 27, 2016