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By Geetanjali Naidu September 27, 2019

International students with millions of American dreams in their eyes prepare for their higher education journey to U.S., way before their actual departure, but little do they know how uncertain their journey is once they pass out of the University after completion their degree.

International students embark on their US journey with F1 Visa (International student Visa) and after passing out they are eligible for OPT (meaning “Optional Practical Training”) which is defined by USCIS as “Temporary employment that is directly related to an international F-1 student’s major area of study” which is a period of 12 months, but if the students degree is related post completion of OPT is a Bachelor’s/ Master’s/ Doctoral degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics [STEM] program than the International student may be eligible for additional 17 months extension.

The International student has to secure a job which needs to be sponsored by the employer. The employer will apply for the H-1B petition with USCIS. The journey from H-1B visa to GREEN CARD will take years due to the waiting period of each country.

Students who want to pursue their higher education in U.S., should consider EB-5 Immigrant visa program as this program leads way to Green Card, if the investor is found eligible by the USCIS and it gives an upper hand for International students to be Resident students giving benefits like:

1] Secured pathway to career success with Green Card

2] Higher admission acceptance to U.S. Universities

3] Direct benefits for In-State tuition fees

4] Higher rate of ACCEPTANCE for jobs with Green Card

5] Career UNCERTAINTY with regards to H1B lottery program can be eliminated

6] U.S. based business opportunity pathways can be followed.

If your Son/Daughter is on F1 visa then to get a Green Card through normal course of time will take at least a decade for Indians, as per current waiting period status.

Invest wisely for your child’s future, consult an immigration lawyer before investing in EB-5 program, to plan and understand the legal formalities.




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