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#FireLicense #License #Licenses #FireandSafety #Gujarat

Article 1. Acquiring a Fire License in the State of Gujarat

A. Preface

A Gujarat Fire License or a Gujarat Fire No Objection Certificate issued through the Urban Development and Urban Housing Department to a particular...

By Ansari Solicitor Firm September 27, 2019
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#WaqfBoardScandal #KarnatakaWaqfBoardScandal

Article 2. Karnataka State Board of Waqfs: Land Scandal

A. Preface
Under Section 3 (r) of the Waqf Act, 1955, (herein referred to as the ‘Act,’) ““waqf” means the permanent dedication by any person, of any movable or immovable property for...

By Ansari Solicitor Firm September 27, 2019
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Transfer and Transmission of Shares Under Companies Act, 2013


Pradeep K Mittal,

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Secretaries of India, New Delhi.

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Section 56: Transfer and Transmission of...

By Pradeep Mittal February 08, 2019
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uniform civil code ,   ucc ,   importance of ucc

Author: Swechha Malik, Lawfarm Intern

In India, different communities are governed by different Personal laws like Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act for Hindus. Whereas Muslims, Parsis and Christians are governed by their own personal laws. Article 44...

By Amrisha Tripathi September 21, 2018
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Sale Deed ,   immovable Property ,   Transfer of Property ,   Registration of property

What is a Sale Deed?

A sale deed is a legal document that enables a party to transfer property from one person to another. It is defined under Section 54 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 as; “Sale” is a transfer of ownership in exchange for a price paid or promised or part-paid and...

By Asmita Rakhecha March 25, 2018
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will ,   execution ,   requirement

S.63 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925 stipulates three conditions as regards to execution of will Viz.,

1. The testator shall sign or shall affix his mark to the will, or it shall be signed by some other person in his presence and by his direction.

2. The signature or mark of the testator, or...

By Rajaganapathy Ganesan March 25, 2018
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shares ,   debentures ,   convertible debenture ,   redeemable debenture ,   types of debentures ,   preference shares ,   redeemable shares ,   equity shares

Capital is needed by the companies, both private and public to increase their productivity or market reach or to purchase latest modern equipment and machines. So, companies go for Initial Public Offering (IPO) and if they had already gone for IPO they go for Follow - on Public Offer (FPO). In...

By Lawfarm Team March 19, 2018