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Need for Data privacy

We deal with an overwhelming amount of data every single day of our lives. A lifestyle centered on broadcasting one’s every act means that we’re now in a generation where no information is too much information and social networks are a way of life. The merits and demerits...

By Lawfarm Team April 02, 2017
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Essential clauses for investors

An investors’ obvious commercial intent would be to ensure that he gains from his investment. He wants to maximize his returns and minimize the obstacles. For that, he will ensure to insert certain mechanisms that will work in favor of him so that he can get his...

By Neha Agarwal March 27, 2017

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Pornography, in the eyes of law, is not necessarily unethical and obscene. In today's era where there are almost about 400 million people having access to the internet in our country[1], availability of pornographic materials is wider than ever. This tends to grasp the attention of masses,...

By Amrisha Tripathi February 27, 2017

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Jallikattu, the talk of the hour in Tamil Nadu, is showcasing a rather tritely unique phenomenon in India. Scads of commoners from various cities, with love for their ‘culture and tradition’, are feverously opposing the Supreme Court verdict banning Jallikattu, a Pongal celebration sport in Tamil...

By Apoorwa Iyer February 04, 2017

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According to the Terms & Conditions mentioned on the websites of Uber/Ola and other such companies, the transportation services qualities requested through Uber is entirely the responsibility of the vehicle operator or provider. Uber/Ola only acts as an intermediate between the vehicle...

By Lawfarm Team February 02, 2017
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Mareva Injuction

In May 1975, Japanese ship-owners issued a writ against Greek charterers, claiming various sums of hire owing for three ships that had been chartered by the defendants. The plaintiffs feared that the charterers would take steps to remove their funds from the jurisdiction of the English courts,...

By Navin Kumar Jaggi January 17, 2017

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Information plays an important role in shaping the life of every individual. With the enactment of the 97th amendmentto the Constitution of India and its inclusion in Article 19 of the Constitution, formation of co-operative societies has...

By Jinita Shah January 09, 2017