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Property disputes are one of the most common disputes in the world. There are disputes regarding inheritance, possession, rent, sale of the property, etc. Among all these situations, one of the most confusing cases are of tenants and owners. It is generally noticed that at some places tenants...

By Shruti Agrawal August 29, 2016
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put and call option ,   shareholders agreement ,   put option ,   call option ,   india ,   contract


An options clause in the Share Holders’ Agreement- which defines the rights and obligations of the shareholders- is the one in which the investor has the option to either ‘call’ or ‘put’ the equities on the table. This...

By Neha Agarwal August 28, 2016
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Personal Details ,   Declaration of Date ,   Validate Free Will ,   Provide Executor’s Details ,   Details of Assets ,   Liabilities of the Testator ,   Name of the beneficiary ,   Signature ,   Signature of Witnesses ,   stamp paper requirements ,   Execution of Will ,   Application ,   Documents ,   Notification ,   Fees ,   draft of a will ,   sample of will ,   Will

Will is the best medium through which a person can ensure that his property is divided as per his desire after his death. If an individual dies without any will his property would be distributed intestate under the Indian Succession Act, 1925 which has been amended in 2005 and 2015 giving rights...

By Shruti Agrawal August 27, 2016
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Trade Secrets ,   protection ,   Protection of Design ,   confidential information ,   non disclosure ,   Intellectual Property Right ,   injunction ,   how to protect data

What are Trade Secrets?
For a general definition of Trade Secrets, we can consider from NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), according to which trade secrets are information having commercial value, which is not in the public domain, for which reasonable steps have been taken to maintain...

By Lawfarm Team August 27, 2016
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register private limited company ,   registration ,   startup ,   Company Act 2013 ,   registrar of companies ,   director ,   DIN ,   filing ,   incorporation ,   minimum paid capital

Prerequisites of forming a Private Limited Company

As per the Companies Act 2013, following are the pre-requisites for formation of a Private Limited Company:
• Atleast 2 shareholders (generally the promoters themselves) but not more than 50 shareholders.
• Two Directors (can be same as the two...

By Lawfarm Team August 26, 2016
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report bribe ,   government ,   official ,   public sector ,   bribery ,   corruption ,   bribe ,   demand

The process of reporting a demand for bribe by any government employee can be dealt under two different heads as follows:

Central Government employees

The Central Vigilance Commission is the central body that is authorized to inquire or cause an inquiry or investigation into the cases of...

By Lawfarm Team August 26, 2016
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gambling ,   poker ,   law ,   betting ,   online poker ,   rummy ,   casino ,   is poker legal ,   is gambling legal ,   is betting legal in India ,   gambling laws ,   Public Gambling Act of 1867

Do you love poker? Or do you dream of opening your own casino? Do you love betting?

But are you wondering if it is legal in India?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, read on. This post is just for you.

There are different forms of gambling- one can go to a casino or can play...

By Lawfarm Team August 26, 2016