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You can either choose a lawyer from our Lawyer Directory for a call or you can fill in your details, including legal case details, for Lawfarm to allot the best lawyer for you. Once you make a successful payment, we will share the lawyer details with you and your details will be shared with the lawyer.

You need to pay for this service since you will be able to get a lawyer consultation over phone for your legal problem. If you are interested in a meeting consultation, please let us know on consultation@lawfarm.in

Once the details are shared with the lawyer, he/she will call you. You may also call the lawyer on his/her contact number. If the lawyer is busy, please schedule a call at his/her convenience. If you face any difficulty in scheduling a call, please write to us at consultation@lawfarm.in

You may rate the lawyer on our lawyer directory appropriately based on the quality of the legal consultation received by you. You may also let us know on consultation@lawfarm.in and we will take appropriate action.