How To Create Your Free Online Will.

Creating your will on lawfarm is easy! you just have to keep your personal and family information handy before you start creating your will. even if you are not ready, don’t worry! we are giving you a 7-day draft period where you can always edit/ update the information before generating the will.

You will also have any option to recreate your will all over again for free (although please note that in the case of recreating a new will we will discard the old created will.)

Follow the easy steps set out below and get your will generated.

  • 1
    Fill in your personal information like Name, Gender, Religion, Date of birth, Permanent Address. As this is a legal document, it is important for these details to be set out so as to identify the maker of the will as clearly as possible.
  • 2
    Fill in details about your family like spouse and children information. This is helpful for us to identify them as your beneficiaries in your will.
  • 3
    If your children are minor (below the age of 18 or 21), you may appoint a Guardian for them.
  • 4
    Appoint an Executor who will be responsible for implementing or executing your Will after your death.
  • 5
    Based on your Personal information we will suggest how to distribute your property.
  • 6
    If you wish to leave specific gifts to specific persons, fill in the information of the person and the gift you wish to leave to him/her.
  • 7
    As for your residual property (assets remaining after giving away your specific gifts), add information regarding residual beneficiaries.
  • 8
    Define an alternate beneficiary for your property, in the event the appointed beneficiaries pre-deceases you or rejects the gift.
  • 9
    Sign off on your Will and get two witnesses to sign off on your will. All parties MUST witness each other’s signing. The two witnesses should also not be beneficiaries under your will.
  • 10
    Share your will with family and friends. You may also choose whether you want your family or friend to view your will before or after your death.
  • 11
    Generate your will.

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