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Effects on distance technical education in light of Supreme Court judgment

After the decision of supreme court on distance technical education what will be the effects on IGNOU and state open university like Karnataka state open university?

  • 1 Answer
Asked at November 06, 2017
782fdcdfcb12128bf7acf28289e8be5968bf2274 Kishan Dutt Retd Judge
last answered over 2 years ago
Compulsory Internship

Is it necessary to do internship while pursuing law degree in five year course of BA LLB(HONS) when only aim is to go for judiciary exam after completing law .I am a first year student of National Law University ,Lucknow.

  • 1 Answer
Asked at May 14, 2017
Default avatar Lawfarm Team
last answered almost 3 years ago
claiming the degree of integrated course in mid way due to medical reasons

If a student can claim for his BA degree after two years in an integrated course?Like i am now in Ba.MA integrated course.Can i leave the college after 2 years due to medical reasons.?

  • 1 Answer
Asked at December 05, 2013
Default avatar Ashwini Panwar
last answered over 3 years ago
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