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in Family Law
Asked January 02, 2021

Matrimonial and Custodial rights

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My wife went away with my daughter and don't want to give her  back. I am 30 Years old and married for 2 years now and my daughter is now 1 year old. We are living in Pune. One day my wife left  home saying she has some work at her Parents place. Later after coming from office, I come to know she has taken all the things including  my daughter's cloths and toys , and daughter with her and moved to her parents place. Which is in same city but different location (5Km) It's been 3 months now I only get to visit/see my daughter once in a every week (sunday) for few hours. Rest of the time I dont visit them due to Covid Hygine. I have had argument with my wife over this many times and every time she refuse to come back to my house or bring back my daughter. I tried to convince her in every possible way but she says she doesn't  want to come to my house because she doesn't like my mother. My wife and me  have no other problem and she wants me to live separately with her . My mother is 70% blind and I don't have father. It's only my mother and little sister (27 Years old) we live in the house. I can not/don't want to leave my mother for any reason. I am getting traumatized every time I think about my daughter because I am not able to spend daily time with her. Nor I am able to do my fatherly duties which makes me so angry with my wife. My wife's parent Don't have problem with me but they don't have any problem if their daughter is not living with her husband.How can I convence her to live with me again? only want my daughter nothing else. Now, I don't want to get into any legal way as of now but willing to take that action if necessary.What options do I have? Please help me .

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