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Allegation of transferring house by fraud

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Family : Father,Mother, Son. -->Father is not living with us. -->own a House on Father's name till 2004. --> In 2004, due to financial problems, father took money from Mother and had given the house to Mom & son (thru Govt. proceedings like registration etc.). Now the House is on the name of MOM & SON. --> Father has become Blind, due to some illness, carelessness. --> Father sent a Lawyer notice saying , taking advantage of his blindness, Mother & SON focibly has written the house on the name of MOTHER & son from him. --> In the Notice , Lawyer/Father is asking for the EXPLANATION of how can he cannot have the rights on the HOUSE? Questions : 1) what happens if we don't respond to the Notice? 2)If we respond how to respond, what is the process? 3) How much time does it take to go to COURT after this notice? 4)How much MONEY that it takes for all this court proceedings?

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Sir, a legal notice is an instrument forwarded by the lawyer of the plaintiff to the defendant to address some issues, failure of which legal proceedings would be initiated. If you don’t reply to this notice it will give the plaintiff an opportunity to go to court. If you do address it gives you an opportunity to initiate dialogue with your father and avoid court proceedings.

The correct way to respond is to assess the demands of your father and figure out whether you can address them without going to court. However, the correct way to address it can only be told after reading the notice. Thus you must visit a lawyer who will address the issues and send a reply.

The court fees would be depending upon the size of your property depending on that the court fees would be a 1/3 of the value. Lastly, you can go to court any time and there is no time bar on instituting cases in property matters.

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