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Asked July 20, 2017

Board fixed near wall by neighbour

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Hello sir, my neighbour is fixing a board which is more than 10ft long and 5ft wide (it is an advertisement board of a study centre) very close to my house's wall (outside of my compound and roadside). The board is fixing too close to my wall (almost touches my wall) and it covers all that portion of the wall, while I know sticking posters on walls without owner's consent is illegal, I am not sure how to react to this situation because the board does not touch it, its inches away from the wall, he has already fixed one board and now is trying to fixing another one, I really do not want any boards fixing inches near to the wall covering it, please answer me how I should react to this situation, and please tell me the crime number and punishment details if he is doing the wrong thing. Thank you.

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Dear Sir/madam,

You need to file an application stating your concern in the municipal corporation office and take an acknowldegement on the duplicate copy of the same. Lodge an F.I.R with the local police station mentioning section 268 of the Indian Penal Code regarding Nuisance in your compound. Also keep in mind that the objections in mind should right away come at the time of erecting the board otherwise your ground of objection tends to loose.

It is a subject of local laws of the state you are in, for this you need to check with the municipal corporation office. Because the size of a board is different in different states (which comes under commercial advertising hoardings). As per our opinion, the board this size will not be covered under a commercial billboard.

Alternatively, if it bothers you that much then you can also file a private complaint directly before the magistrate in the court of law taking aid of section 268 of IPC.



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