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Asked December 22, 2017

Breach of Sale Deed

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Hallo, I have got a gift deed from my father in the year 2007, and till then the property was on fathers name. Since 2007 I was holding the property through that giftdeed and rents on the property were handled by late mother (expired in 2011) and my father. I dint had to interfere. Once my mother expired, my father is behind the property and he wanted to revoke the giftdeed. I consulted a lawyer then, once I came to knew about his activities and everyone promised me that this is not possible as it is an unconditional giftdeed. But my father managed to revoke the giftdeed in 2016 October by bribing the MRO Officer with 5-6 Lakhs, by selling the car which I gifted him. I came to knew about this whole thing and flew to India (Jan 2017), called up my Sister and Brother In Laws, managed to register a sale deed of that property on wife's name. Me and my Father were executants (As the property bills were on my name). He accepted that it was bad on his part to make a this kind of move and apologized us for his behavior and promised that this would not happen again. Once I returned back here in Feb, he started digging back into the property. Saledeed original document, linked documents originals all with me. The Witnesses are also on my side. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do (As he has revoked the giftdeed with out slightest intimation) Should I sell the property? Can you please suggest me what can be done to avoid unnecessary time and money behind rescuing the property which I Own. He is retired, getting Pension amount from my late Mothers employer (State govt), has lot of time and money wasting on these kind of things and wasting my time and money too. Thanks in advance Regards

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1. When the propery is in risk and your title is also suspected be, then the best option is to sell the property and save the risk.

2. Better sell the property lead peaceful life.

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    Hallo, thanks for your reply.
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    Hallo, thanks for your reply, but its the first property which my mom, dad (unfortunately) and me brought in india. I wanted to keep it as my mothers memory.
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