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Can I run a Start up

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Is it possible to run your own business (like a startup) along with your daily job. Is it legal to do this while you are employed?

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Dear Sir,

If you are employed, then you cannot seek another employment. However, there is no legal bar from being a part of a business venture.

But, please refer to your terms of employment with your current employer before taking any steps.

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In India there is no restriction in setting up a new start-up inspite of having a job. Apart from the question of time, energy and financial commitments you need not worry of any legal constrains due to your existing job.

However, you might have to look into the terms and condition of your existing job before taking the decision, as some companies may have restriction over their employees from starting a business in the same or competing field and also, some government services do not allow employment in other businesses. Hence, apart from the terms of your current employment there exists no legal restriction in India for initiating a start-up.


Researcher: Apoorwa Iyer

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