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case for cheating in love affair

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how do i file a case against a girl who cheated me? Respected sir, Iam a 22 year old boy from chennai.Let me explain the whole stuaton sir. my family and her (the girl who cheated me) ourvfathers are offce collegues,but her family s a little bit fnanciallly low so my father helped them in any ways he could.I even gave my boooks for her to study and helped her a lot.One day she proposed me and accepted.Weloved each other a lot but she got a chance in media and now she thrwed me out like a garbage.I cant shake the fact that she loved me only for money and just because she got a chance in media and she gets ahigher class contacts she thrwed me out.I am mentally affected very much and i have all the texts and every evidence and i want justice for me.Plesase help me out in getting justice sir.

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There are some possibilities of a legal recourse::

1. Suing for not fulfilling her promise to marry you:

You will need to prove, via evidence, the following:

That she promised to marry you in the past

That you made some changes to your life, or acted based on that promise

That it led to some monetary loss


If all these conditions are fulfilled, there might be a chance for you to sue her for "breach of promise to marry". 

Please note that it has been seen that Courts award only damages (compensation) in such cases, and does not order the parties to marry each other. Moreover, the success of these cases has only been seen in cases where parties were engaged to each other, and after that one of them refused to go ahead with the marriage.


2. You can file a case under section 415 of the Indian Penal Code, for "cheating", on the grounds she cheated you into having a relationship with her and spending money on her, and is now not ready to marry you. 

An explanation of the section (as applicable in your case) are as follows:

415. Cheating.— When a person, fraudulently or dishonestly induces another person to do something which he would not do otherwise, and such an act causes or is likely to cause damage or harm to that person in body, mind, reputation or property.

However, we must warn you that the success rate of such cases is quite low, especially if an actual engagement ceremony has not yet taken place. This is because you have to prove that what you did based on her promise to marry, caused damage to your mind and reputation. This is not an easy task. There is a high risk of her lying to the court, especially if your evidence is not strong enough. Though lying to the court under oath is a crime, it is possible. Moreover, it is quite difficult to prove the existence of such a promise, especially if there was nothing written, no video proof of her promise, etc.. And it is also difficult to successfully prove the disturbance of mind to the court. But if you can manage it, you might be successful.


If the girl is found guilty of Cheating, then the court will only be able to order with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both. There is no guarantee of you getting a compensation for the ordeal.


Do also keep in mind Section 415 of the IPC is a criminal offence, so this will be a criminal case against her.

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No case of cheating is made out. Two people fall in affair and now one has parted away. How and where the question of cheating arises? Ingredients of cheating is not  made out. Forget past and start new life. Consult a doctor and come out from emotions. You cannot force a person to live and have relation with you.

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