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Sudipta Roy
in Procedural Law
Asked June 18, 2017

Change of name of Married Women in her Certificates

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I am a 29 year old married woman . I hail from Chhattisgarh state and my schooling was done in Chhattisgarh state ( C.G. Board) .After marriage I relocated to West Bengal. Before marriage my full name was Sudipta GHOSH. After marriage , I have changed my surname to ROY as per my husband's surname. My marriage is registered according to HINDU marriage act . In my marriage certificate my name is mentioned as "SUDIPTA ROY nee GHOSH" . Thus my name after marriage became SUDIPTA ROY. In my new voter card , PAN card ,Aadhaar card , I have changed my name as Sudipta ROY with help of marriage certificate. But all my academic documents (till date) has my maiden name . Recently , I have joined as a lecturer in a engineering college with the changed name. Now, I want to pursue higher study. I have the following questions in the same context. 1)Is marriage certificate sufficient to legalize and recognize the change of my surname (due to marriage) ? 2) Do I need to sworn an affidavit also before Notary or 1st class judicial magistrate for this change of surname? If an affidavit is needed , please let me know what is the format of the affidavit? Do I also need to publish my SURNAME change details due to marriage to any newspaper ad or official gazette? 3) If I want to pursue higher study what is correct way to write my name - The changed name (Sudipta Roy) OR the old name (Sudipta Ghosh) as per the previous academic record? 4) Do I need to change my surname in previous academic certificates issued by C.G. Board? Is it at all possible at this time? Does school board and university allow to change name due to marriage in old academic records ? 5) If I go abroad for Higher study with my new name printed in passport ,but with academic certificates with previous surname , will it create any problem?

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Marriage certificate is sufficient to recognise change of surname after marriage or marriage card will also be helpful. Now, answer of your above question as below :-


1. Yes, ordinarily marriage certificate is sufficient to record your change of surname due to marriage. However, to be more appropriate, you can get an affidavit executed before a 1st class Judicial Magistrate affirming that after marriage you shall be known as Sudipta Roy and both Sudipta Ghosh and Sudipta Roy are the same person.

2.There is no need of affidavit before notary or judicial magistrate as marriage certificate would be enough.

3. It is your prerogative only. You can continue to write your maiden name with Ghosh title or change it to Roy as you wish.

4. You need not and also can not change your surname in your pre-marriage academic records since you were Ghosh at that time and not Roy. 

5. It is a practice and custom all over the world that women change their maiden title after marriage and take theirs husband's title. So, with your marriage certificate and the affidavit as suggested above if you wish to execute the said affidavit after your marriage) you shall face no problem on account of your changing your title.


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