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Asked December 05, 2013

claiming the degree of integrated course in mid way due to medical reasons

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If a student can claim for his BA degree after two years in an integrated course?Like i am now in Ba.MA integrated course.Can i leave the college after 2 years due to medical reasons.?

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Ashwini Panwar

This is not exactly a legal question but rather a policy related question. There can be different scenarios:

  • Can the individual degree be completed in two years?
  • Have most of the courses if not all related to the degree have been completed?
  • Does the College award degrees in such manner?
  • Now, this was you misfortune that you couldn’t complete your degree owing to medical reasons, but you need to realize that the College had no role whatsoever to play in your case. Apart from that, you need to imagine a scenario where the college does award you the degree, awarding you a degree might get the college into legal trouble, you being awarded a degree would set a precedent. That precedent could be used as a short cut by students to get a degree even without genuine reason.

    To be fair, your chances of getting a degree seem very bleak. However, you need to talk to the Head of Examinations and explain your condition to him. Since there is not much that can be done in your case you may request the College authorities to conduct examinations for subjects that are pending in the BA Course alone. But, you need to know that the entire matter lies in the hands of the college and they might exercise their own discretion.

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