Senthil Kumaran
Asked December 16, 2016

College students creating nuisance

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I need legal advice for stopping the gate opened by a private college in our dead end street. Due to this students come very speedly by bike in our street, causing lot of disturbance and noise that it hurts our health and mind.

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Sir, what you are facing in your locality due to the opening of the college gate can be charged under Public Nuisance. This charge is a tort as it may have civil as well criminal implications. Public Nuisance is defined under Section 268 of the Indian Penal Code which calls it an injury, danger or annoyance to the public at large, in your case the locality/colony or street in which you reside.

A simple remedy for such a crime/tort is so file a suit of injunction seeking remedy under the Specific Relief Act 1963 by the procedure established in the Civil Procedure Code, before a Judge under whose jurisdiction your area falls. An injunction, in simple words is an immediate relief requested from the court and can be of interim (temporary) or permanent in nature. You must file a permanent injunction seeking relief of closure of gate opened by the college because the injury bared by you.

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