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Penugonda Veeraanjaneyulu
in Civil Law
Asked September 11, 2017

Compassionate appointment

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Respected sir, Could you please send me the matter for compassionate appointment. 1. Affidavit from spouse(in case of employment is sought for one of the children) 2. Affidavit from the applicant stating he will take care the family in future.

Answer 1

The Scheme of Compassionate Appointment was introduced with the object to grant appointment on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of a Government servant dying in harness (i.e., dying before retirement) or who is retired on medical grounds, thereby leaving his family in penury and without any means of livelihood, to relieve the family of the Government servant concerned from financial destitution and to help it get over the emergency. Hence, all formalities as to appointment arise only after the occurance of such event. The essential steps to be undertaken:

  • Proof regarding applicant's relationship with such government servant.
  • Death certificate or medical certificate (as the case may be) in prescribed form in original or attested copies of the same.
  • Attested (by a Gazetted Officer) copies of Educational and Technical certificates including proof of DOB of the applicant.
  • Attested (by a Gazetted Officer) copies of caste certificate, if any, of the applicant.
  •  Declaration/Undertaking for proper maintenance of the other family members.
  • Certificate of character, if and as prescribed.
  • Any other documents as per guidance of the Staff & Welfare Inspectore concerned ( as the case may be).
  • Normal time limit for appointment on compassionate grounds is five (05) years from the date of occurrence of the event entitling the eligible person to be appointed on this ground. 

    This period of five years may be relaxed by the competent authority, subject to the following: -

  • The case should not be more than twenty five years old as reckoned from the date of death.
  • The widow.widower of the deceased employee should not have remarried.
  • The benefit of compassionate appointmnet should not have been given at any time to any other member of the family.
  • The circumsatnces of the case should be such as to justify relaxation of the time limit of five years.

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