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Azim Ahmed
in Criminal Law Procedural Law
Asked November 17, 2017

Complaint filed for kidnapping and rape after boy and girl eloped

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लड़का लड़की अपने मर्जी से घर से भाग गए उनके भागने के २० दिन बाद लड़की के पिता ने केस फाइल किया पुलिस में की लड़के ने मेरी लड़की को भगा ले गया है साथ में किडनैप और रेप का आरोप भी लगाया है रिपोर्ट करने १५ दिन बाद पुलिस लड़का लड़की को कोलकाता से अरेस्ट किया इसके बाद लड़की अपने घर वालो के दबाओ में आकर मजिस्ट्रेट के सामने बयान दिया की लड़का मुझे बेहोस करके किडनैप कर लिया और उसके बाद रेप करता था इसमें कानूनी बचाओ क्या है . श्रीमान मार्गदर्शन करे. धन्यवाद.

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Your query is in Hindi, however, it could best be answered in English. 

First, of all we have to see the age of the girl, if she is a minor (below 18 years of age), then whether she ran with her consent or not would make no difference as for the charge of kidnapping the consent of guardian is required which is not the case as her father has made a complaint and for the charge of rape, a minor is incapable of giving consent (vide Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013). Since the charge has been of kidnapping and not abduction it appears that the age of girl is below 18 years, and in such circumstances the boy has to face the trial.

However, if the age of girl is above 18 years and if it can be proved that the boy and girl were in relation before running away and she had consented to the boy for making relations with him, then the boy can file a petition u/s 482 of Criminal Procedure Code before the High Court having the jurisdiction of the place of trial for quashing the entire criminal case as once a consent is given for running away and for making relations no offence for abducting and rape can be said to be committed. (Vide Uday vs. State of Karnataka, Dileep Singh vs. State of Bihar, both Hon'ble Supreme Court judgements). Also the boy can make his submissions and arguments at the state of framing charges and if the Sessions Judge gets satisfied the criminal case will end.


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Case papers are required to be examined. Consult a lawyer with details. Siddharth 9811776422

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Very common case in India approx. 90% rape case is like this.

Face the trial and engadge a good lawyer.

If the girl is minor then Age is only part to challange.

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It all depends upon the version/statement of girl. Now it appears the girl turned hostle and stating against the boy. It is better to go for settlement with apromise to marry the girl, failing which the life of boy will be ruined. For more guidance contact me.

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