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Ayushi Kori
in Civil Law
Asked September 08, 2017

Complaint for Desertation by fiance

  • 2 Answers

I am 22 years. My boyfriend cheated me in the name of marriage .I wanted to file case against him as I want to marry him.. Help me out please.

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Hi there if you have a legal issue with your boyfriend you file a case through a attorney law firm and if you want to marry him you would have to have consent from your boyfriend before you could get married to him thanks have a great day 

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In India, a person be charged for rape on having sexual intercourse with a woman on the promise of marriage only if the consent was obtained by coercion. I am not sure that this situation applies to you. There is no law compelling a person to marry anyone. Being a consenting adult the man has the right to decide who he wants to marry and the law cannot compel him to do this.  

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