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Padmakar Shenoy
in Consumer Law
Asked October 19, 2017

Consumer complaint defective product

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I had purchased 2 sets electric running lights series from a local hardware store near my home in Malad East. for Rs. 760/- i.e. Rs. 380/- each, which is 5 meters long each. This was purchased on 26th Oct. 2017 for the occasion of the Diwali festival. It was in working condition when checked in the shop, but when I connected it at my home one of them was not working hence I went to the shop and the shopkeeper said that he will get it repaired but after keeping it for 2 days he returned it to me saying that nothing can be done about it and there is no guarantee for the product. The label on the product has only a name of the manufacturer and the marketeer, but no address or any contact details. Please advise about how to proceed in this issue for redressal of my complaint regarding thd replacement of the defective product.

Answer 1

You must send a formal letter to the company office stating all the details and the remedy you seek. Do mention in the letter a time limit for the company to respond and solve your problem failing which you have the intention of filling a legal case against them. Attach the copy of relevant bill and other documents.

If they do not respond within the timelimit mentioned then file a consumer complaint against them in the court of the concerned jurisidction. You may even wish to involve a consumer NGO.

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