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Copyright Issue

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I belong to North India. I worked in a cinematographic film however the director is refusing to grant me the Performer's Rights under the Copyright law. Kindly advise me.

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We hope you are not seeking a copyright protection because the law does not protect the copyrights of the artists/actors in a cinematographic film. However it does recognizes certain special rights of the performers (performer's rights). The definition under S.2(qq) of the Copyright Act is an inclusive one i.e. you must fall within those mentioned categories to avail these rights. However, please note that as per the 2012 amendment, only those performers are entitled for performer's rights who are credited in the film and not all the performers. Only the credited performers shall get the performer's rights along with the right to integrity. Rest, the other performers shall only be eligible for Right to Integrity. 


Here, your director will not grant you the performer's rights unless your name is credited in the film. 


Sammanika Rawat

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