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Asked April 05, 2017

Difference between termination and resignation and its impact on central government job

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Recruited as PO posted in Punjab by Indian Overseas Bank, where I worked for 8 months & got ill many times. I raised a request to be transfered to Delhi, giving all doctor's recommendations in writing. For seven months, staying in Delhi. In the meantime, I cleared SSC exam and am likely to join as AAO in Govt of India. I received 3 letters from IOB rejecting all my applications & advising me to join services in Punjab, to which I promptly replied with my condition. I've today received a termination letter from them, giving me one month notice & asking for one lakh bond amount. I don't have a problem with paying bond amount, but my family is financially weak. Also, it seems from their letter that even if I pay Rs one Lakh, they'll still count it as termination and NOT as my resignation. ARE TERMINATION & RESIGNATION THE SAME IN EYES OF SSC/CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ? If this termination is proceeded as they like, is there even 1% chance that will it affect my recruitment at SSC ? I can't take even 1% chance at this once-in-a-lifetime AAO position.

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Dear Sir/madam,

Termination letter is considered as a Dismissal from the job on the wrongdoing of the employee. It is the fault of the employee by which he/she got expelled from the previous job. Whereas a Resignation is leaving the job on good terms, where the employee does not find the employer suitable to work with. Moreover, Getting fired from a job carries a stigma attached to it but only when people get to know about it.

On your day of document verification, SSC might have asked for an N.O.C (No Objection Certificate) from your previous job. Letter of termination should not make a difference as far as your N.O.C. clause of the document verification is concerned. There are certain benefits which one is entitled to only after he/she gets terminated from office. These will not be available when he/she resigns according to his/her sweet will.

Whatever you do now, pay them the bond money of Rs. One lakh or request them to change it – it will only be considered as Termination and not Resignation. Its not that easy to get terminated from a bank job until and unless you do something of a non-disciplinary action. In this case, you not joining the services in Punjab or even going there in person to inform them about the same amounts to one of those reasons of a long list of Misconduct by the employees. And it was not once but thrice. Therefore, getting a termination and not resignation and accepting it as it is, is the least you can do.

Mentioning about the termination letter is one thing you’ll have to do, today or tomorrow. So it’s better that you approach them promptly, informing them about the letter – in all probabilities it might not affect your recruitment.

Further, pay the bond money immediately otherwise the bank will surely take a legal action against you. This legal act will definitely affect your chances of selection.

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