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Asked July 01, 2017

Difficulty in applying for SC Certificate

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I have applied for sc certificate in dc office east khasi hills on june 2016, I received a message on 20-09-2106 stating that my application was submitted on 18-08-2016, and  I should visit nearest ps for verification and was done with it. Then on 5-12-2016 i received a message stating that i had to go for personal interview on december 20 2016, i went for the interview without fail my documents were all right, but the mcs officer incharge told that they will contact me which till june 2017 i was not informed, as i m persuing my in hydrabad i have holidays on june and december. i went there and find out that they have written that i have not appeared personal interview, i meet the officer and she told me that may be my documents are not right, and told me to meet some one my flight was on 30-06-2017, i told her, but she told me to meet one guy. the guy i meet him and he told me my documents were alright and they sent me message many times later on he told he will disscuss my issue with the mcs incharge, but knowing that they kept the meeting on 30th, that too no message was received on my phone i requested them but still they told me that i have to come. i sent my father with all the document and then they told my dad where m i, n they need my id and din even tell him when shall he bring my proof of id what m i doing, n where shall he submitt it. actually i think that mcs does not want to issue sc certificate, and a bit racist, i observed her talkin politely to applicants of st, but to people applying for sc she is rude. its my birth right please help me.

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Hi, We are sorry to hear your problems. The ultimate solution is for you to file an RTI first and seeking all the discrepancies related to your application for issuance of the caste certificate. It is one step to solidify your stand before reaching the court for delay in issuance of the caste certificate by the authority even though you have right documents. 


To file RTI, you can either fill RTI online or offline. For online, visit this url (  or ( For offline application you have to get a Rs. 10 postal order from the nearest office. It has two sections, you have to fill both of them and you can keep the smaller section which is the left one, and send the bigger section which is the right one is supposed to send with your application. 


For filing a RTI you can only ask the question with "what". In your case, you have to ask what is the status of the application of the caste certificate. For clear understanding read  ( ) 


It is essential that you mention other contents such as -

 1. To provide you with the order/circular for the issuance of the caste certificate.

 2. All the names of the authorities involved in issuance of your caste certificate. 

 3. To enlist all the necessary documents needed to be submitted for the issuance of the certificate. 

 4. The status of the application pending which was submitted on date so and so (it is necessary to mention when you submitted to your application for issuance of the caste certificate). 


Wait till you receive the response of RTI and then you can initiate a criminal proceedings against the authorities involved in your issuance of the caste certificate who delayed the issuance of the caste certificate despite of submitting all the requisite documents. They can be charged u/s 166 of the Indian Penal Code for disobeying the law and causing injury to the concerned person. If the delay is only because of the mistake of the concerned authority then it can punished under The Schedule Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act), 1989. 


For any further queries, please write to us. Thank you. 

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