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Asked July 22, 2017

Disputed property allegedly owned by a temple

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I would like to build boundary wall in my property. Some local people asking that property belongs to a temple, but they don't have any deed, mutation certificate in there name. local leading party leader helping them. I don't want to go to civil court / suit as it takes time. already tried with 144 but police did not help us. please advice me if there is any law / possibility in high court for making boundary wall with help of police?

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Sir, in the present case, since you are the true owner of the property and are in possession of the deed of the land, mutation certificate. In the absence of these papers no person can claim ownership of your property. Further since you are in possession of the aforementioned documents, you are free to modify your land as you wish, including building a boundary wall around your property. The party leader does not have any right over your property.

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