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Asked August 29, 2018

Domestic Violence - lawyer needed

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Please help me lawfarm, by hands on my in laws and my husband, they tochered me mentally and physically, because of that torcher, one time I committed succiced also.please help me, please show me a good lawyer

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        Kindly explain the problem nd I will advise you accordingly.



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Which place are you located?

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Dear Madam............

were you are from you have not mention so its difficult to suggest a lawyer.

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you have file a case for domestice voilence in a court for speedy  help 


Atul kumar (Advocate)


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First give a complaint before the protection officer of DV Act through an Advocate. You can also claim maintenace. And you can also file petition for restittuiton of conjugal rights. But you should narrate the facts of the case then only we can give accurate suggesstion 

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You can file domestic violence complaint to the protection officer under DV Act. The protection officer will enquire the matter and if they found it is a fit case then they will refer the case before the magistrate under DV Act. The case will be a criminal case and if your in-laws found guilt they will be imprisoned. If you directely file a case before the magistrate then the magistrate will forward the complaint to the protection officer and obtaining the report from the protection officer the magistrate will pursue the case. 

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First of all, I need some details regarding your marriage. When you got married? . And you are from which place. Please give all the details. I will certainly help you. Don't worry and don't take any hasty step in future

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