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Amar Singh Sidhu
in Civil Law
Asked August 22, 2017

E-filing of writ petition in Supreme Court

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I want to e-file my writ petition in Supreme Court but I cannot open e-filling systems. I also want the free legal advisor for this case for e-filling. 

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Dear Sir/madam,

It surely must be a technical glitch that you were unable to file writ through e-filing. As far as the procedur is concerned – it is pretty simple in a sense that you need to first make an account by signing-up on the website (just like any other social media website etc.). Make sure the fields mandatory are duly filled.  Follow the instructions one by one, after reading every single line of the disclaimer that appears, since you need to understand the nature of the activity you are getting into. Subsequently, select on “New case” and make the payment via a credit card. Please see that you choose “in-person” option in the e-filing tab at the very beginning of the procedure.

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