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Asked September 11, 2017

Eviction notice to vacate government quarter

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1. I am living in a government qtr after allotment by estate officer. 2. I was given one letter that you are not an unauthorised occupant of the said house so vacate the house and eviction notice has been ordered. 3. no reason has been told. Verbally I was told that you are not eligible for this house. 4. In the same apartment many people from same pay scale are I could not understand. No document has been provided to me. All things they are doing one sided and verbally. 5. Eviction order was passed on Dec 2016 and market rent has been deducted from my salary for the month of Dec2016, Jan2016 and Feb 2017. After that no deduction, I am getting a normal salary. plz advice legal action.

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Dear Sir/madam,

Your saying that it is a government quarter, makes you eligible to file an RTI and to seek for the information/queries in the form - Who is entitlted to stay in such houses and for what specified tenure ?

Against the eviction order, you need to submit an application mentioning your objection to the said ORDER and the justified reasons not to do so. Aslo, mention in your reply to provide you with the reason of their eviction order . Because as per law and the general principle of natural Justice – you are entitled to be given an opportunity of being heard, failing which the eviction can be termed illegal. Further, attach the supporting documents of your entitlement to such a quarter and the monthly rents that you have been given them past 1 year.

Supposingly, if the eviction order is to be effective immediately, then why the wrongful deductions till February have been made. Meaning thereby that either the rent till February should not have been taken or the eviction needs to take place (if at all) after the month of February.

You will have to arrange for the MANUAL applicable in your case, which governs all the guidelines of work and entitlement to a government servant of your cadre.

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