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Asked June 23, 2016

False allegation of dowry harrasment

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I am male and married from last 13 years. Last year my brother in law got married, his wife and my wife are not in good terms. 2 weeks back my brother in law wife filed a false FIR for dowery harassment though we are living separately, she named my bother in law, my mother in law and my wife and went to women commission. We settled the case out of the court but I suspect they she will again lodge FIR against my wife some day again. How can I protect my wife and myself so that even if she lodge any FIR we can say that we are already separated and doesn't have any relation with these guys.So that police should not trouble us?

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    Thanks for your answer. Now FIR is taken back Sister in law , but I am still afraid in Future she can lodge another FIR as she want to black mail us. Will Dis owning them or breaking relation ship will help ? In which court should I dis own the relation ship ? Juridisary or family court.?
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    Saumya Kumar
    For disowning a relative, you can notify in papers and notify the concerend person declaring that you are disowning him/her. This practice is used mostly when the issue is associated with property claims for example parents use it to disinherit their children. In this scenario I believe the practice of disowning her will not help. If you read Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, it says that a complaint can be filed by the wife against her husband's relative whoever he or she is. Therefore even if you publicly disown your sister-in-law, your wife will still be her husband's relative (i.e. his sister) and will still be covered under the Section. Further, if the sister-in-law has no reason for filing the and is filing cases to bother your wife, then the chances are that she can make use of any other provision of the IPC to file a case against you. For offences like assault under the IPC, there is absolutely no need for a relatonship between them. Therefore in my humble opinion dispwning the sister-in-law will not help you much in preventing the sister-in-law from filing a case against your wife if she wants to. I understand your apprehension but you should not worry much if your sister-in-law has no evidence agaisnt your wife to prove the charge.
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