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Harshit Katwala
Asked June 16, 2016

false reference by previous employer

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I have an issue related to labour law. I joined hdfc bank in September 2013. I have worked till March 2015. I was continuously harrased & was being forced to resign. On denial of putting my paper they have terminated without giving any reason. Due to my bad health i have avoided any dispute and have given my resignation letter. They accepted it, gave me the"relieving letter". Now I have got selected in many companies after that but due to negative verification I am getting rejected. On complaining they say they have not given any bad Ref. Now I am unemployed from last 15 months. I have given almost 30-35 interviews and have got black listed in every company I visited. Now due to this much delay I'm getting frustrated. What should I do at this point now to avoid further harassment.

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Ayushi Singhal

The first step you need to take is find out who is it that your prospective employers are getting their information from.

After this, if the information is false, you can file a defamation suit for damages and other relief against this person. 

The essential elements you need to prove for the defamation suit (civil suit) are: 

1) False Statements made, 

2) Statements were defamatory in nature (that means, it injured your reputation), 

3) Statements were Published (told to a third person)

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