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Rana Talukdar
Asked November 27, 2017

Fiance fleed with her boyfriend

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My elder brother who works in gurgaon and a native of Assam , got a marriage proposal from a family in Assam . My mother approached the family very next week and had a talk and exchanged photos , the family asked to do a video conferencing we agreed on it. The following Sunday 19 Nov 17 , I and my brother who are in Gurgaon did the video conferencing and spoke to the family including the girl. After the video call the family approached my mother who is in Assam in a neighboring town of the famiy and proposed to do the " Roka" on 24 Nov . We bought an air ticket both sides to and from Assam.My brother made a phone call to the girl wanting to her final decision before he leave for the ceremony, the girl replied she wants to marry him and it was her final decision. Knowing that my brother flew to Assam. My mother made all necessary arrangements to host the Roka. The family came to our house and did all the ritual for the Roka. And signed a promise agreement along with couple of witness from both sides. The very next day 25 Nov the girl flea away with her boyfriend. The girl's mother called on 26 Nov and informed about the same . We fill like we have been cheated , we faced society talks and also all monetary losses. But still we approached the family and said we blame nobody for this,what has happened has happened.Though we came to know that the parents were known to the fact that the girl was in a relationship. Now we only want the money back which we have spent for this occasion which is around INR 25000 . The family denied to pay back. For a family like us it's a huge amount . We are hardly able to save after spending on our basic needs for our livelihood. What that's legally can be done for this so that we can teach a lesson to such people. Please do let me know.

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