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Filling of PIL

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A poor road condition prevailing from last 20 yr. No action taken by govt. of WB. From last 10 yr this road became risky & dangerous for common people. Became risky for school children, senior citizen, patient, pregnant women. 20 village population around 45000 are using this road. It's a lifeline for each villager of our area. Can I file a PIL on this issue.

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Not 20 yrs for more than 50 yrs because there was no construction as per rule except repairing the holes and cracks sometimes after rainy seassion. Anyway you can file p PIL before Kolkata High Court after some Home work. First collect DATA as under:

1. Yearly accidental death on Roads for last 10 years.

2. Expenditure of Govr. and funds allotted for The roads, village roads and highways per year in details including public money expend on National Highways in NH34 etc.

3. Complaints on Roads during last several years made by public and PIL filed in this regard if any and Court Orders. (Available on net).

4. Colllect all related DATA and documentary evidence 

5. Then send representations to the Ministry and concerned departments against whom you want to file the case. Ask the the account of expenditure on Roads and their use per year etc. Economical losses due to lack of transportation, harassment of students ladies patients and public etc. Also send Legal Notice U/S 80 CPC.

then file PIL after 60 days. Better you file through a good advocate because if you loose the case, it will be a grate loss to the society. 

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Yes, but if you unable to satsify the Court then they will impose cost upon you. good work always have bad effects also.

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As the name suggests 'public interest litigation' is meant for public benefit and to address the concerns. Indian Consitution u/Art. 32 for Supreme Court and Art. 226 for High Court provides for an opportunity to public to approach the judiciary for public cause. The situation you have mentioned clearly falls under this domain.

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