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Asked July 31, 2017

Harassed by in laws

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I am 27 year old I got married in 2010 when I was 19 now I have 2 daughters. I had been facing issues from my inlaws since the very next day of my marriage nobody speaks to me but I am suppose to do all the house hold work, my husband stays abroad he dosen't want to call me neitner he wants to keep me in a seperate house. My mother in law keeps telling me get out of my house and the rubbish she could say same is with my husband. I tried to convince him to move out though he promised many times but again refuses and makes lame excuses it's been 7 years I had been tolerating everything. Now I am going under depression I can't leave him because again nobody to take care of me and my kids and I am emotionally attached to my husband. I cannot go to my parents due to some financial issues. I was doing my engineering when I got married and my inlaws asked me to discontinue. I need suggestion what can I do?

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The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 protects women from verbal, emotional and econmic abuse (as applicable in ths case). As per S. 3 of the Act, 'verbal and emotional abuse' includes insults, ridicule, humiliation and name calling. Prohibition or restriction to continued access to the shared household is included within the meaning of 'economic abuse'. Here, if you can establish the constant insults and humiliation by your mother-in-law then you may have a chance of establishing Domestic Violence being inflicted by her. 

However, the facts of the case indicate that the acts of your mother-in-law may not qualify to be as grave as is required to amount to domestic violence, You may wish to take up a new job, despite your mother-in-law's advise, and then move to a separate house with your husband. However, if you feel that the acts of your in-laws is grave and serious and that there is no way of carrying on with your normal life then you may file a suit against them under the DV Act.

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