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Asked May 12, 2017


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I was in relationship with a girl for 3yrs We had sexual relationship While I was in relationship I flirted with a girl. My girlfriend discovered this and started scolding,and over doughting me (like I I go to any place she claims that you are sleeping with some one and starts scolding again and again). After some days she contacted the other girl (with whom I flirted) The girl was jealous about her fairness. She fabricated information and passed it to the girl in her attempt to make feel jealous. Then one day my gf messaged my sister in vulgor language, which was discovered by my mother who instructed me to not to continue my relationship with her. I messaged her let's breakup. She blamed the break - up on my friendhip with the other girl.  After some days eventually I stopped talking to her. She texted me "naya gf bana liye ho khush ho." After some days she committed suicide so I contacted her sister and got no response.  After some days she replied back stating "my sister didn't do any thing but you punished her a lot." Then one day her sister called my mother and scolded in extremely vulgar language and they are now harrasing me and my family. My parents met her sister who accepted that she was jealous And after that also they are not stopped msging and harrarsing me Will u please help me I want to out of this......

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Sir, it would be advisable for you to apologise to the sister and put an end to the matter. In the present situation, since the girl has committed suicide, there is a fair chance that if you remain involved in the case, you may be charged for abetment to suicide. Hence, you must try to resolve the matter amicably between the family of the girl and yourself, in order to insure that the matter is not aggravated.

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