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Asked June 24, 2017

Harassment by daughter-in-law

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Hello sir, My sister in law is torchering me and my parents and to my brother, my father has 2 childrens (me and my brother) in feb 2016 my brother got married and he has 8months baby boy but my sister in law is from the day one trying to torcher us, her parents are supporting her andshe is fighting all the time without any reson she makes big issue of small things and at the end she says thatwe are torchering her after doing all torcher and fight she blaims us for evrything she even lies and says that my father disrespect her we everytime try to ignore and be nice with her all house work my mother is doing my parents are old age my dad is rettire persong my mom's health is not well still she is doing all work now we even kept survent to wash ussentiles n mopping but still her mother n my sister in law is lieing that she is doing all work and now today she crossed all the lines she faught alot and called her family and made a big tamasha and her mother is also doing tamasha all the timing they keep on yelling so that we don't speak and she is not even going to her parents house and not even getting divorce she wants to stay seperately with my brother and my bro is only son of my parents so he doesn't want to leave my parents but she is forcing him to do that and her mother is also lieing that b4 marriage we told them that our son (means my bro)and daughter in law will leave seperatly but my mom not said such thing but her mother is lieing and my sister in law and her mother is also thretening us that they will complsint in police my sister in law disrespected my brother(means to her husband) and even to me without reason please help us what should we do and whom should we contact? who can help us in such case?

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The response on maybe helpful. 

There is a possibility that she may register a flase case for harassment for dowry. For such a situation make sure you have enough evidence and witnesses to challenge the claim put forth by your sister -in-law. 

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