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Asked January 12, 2014

Harassment by Workers

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I know someone who owns a factory. His workers suddenly started harassing him with many demands. Inspite of the owner ensuring that he contributes to the Provident fund and Employees State Insurance for the benefit of the workers, the workers went to some labour union and sent a legal notice to the owner stating the following demands: 1. work hours to be reduced to 6 hours and from the originally decided 9 hours shift 2. They want 25% mandatory increment irrespective of the factory earning profit. My question is: 1. during the pendency of the suit what does the employer do if these workers randomly leave office within 5-6 hours--can I remove them or do i have to wait for the disposal of the suit? 2. What can an aggrieved owner do about this? Does he stand no chance in front of such labour unions?

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