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Madhavrao Kamidi
in Family Law
Asked February 14, 2018

how to prove husband's affair in court of law

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Hi , My work place is 50 km from home .Recently I got to know that my husband is having affaire with his colegue & she is also married .After I went to office , some times they are meeting in our house & some times my husband going to her house.I have video recording showing my husband & her lady colegue entering in to my house in the afternoon time .Is this video evidence enough to prove illegal affair ?.I read some where saying that even if we caught them red handedly in my house in the day time ,as per law its not treated as illegal affair is this true .what are other evidence needed to prove illegal affair .One more I don't have sexual relationship with him from past 6 months ,Is this point will help my husband to defend illegal relation or ask for divorce ? .

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File a petition for divorce, you will succeed. 

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First of all its very difficult to prove adultery in a court of law  because the video evidence you have does not prove that they have any extra maritial affair.So its better for you to file a contested divorce on the grounds of desertion.If you don't want divorce then you can file a petition for restitution of conjugal life.


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