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Asked September 24, 2017

Implementation of Contractual obligations after the death of contracting party

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Manjulata das a B class lisence contractor was awarded a road work under rural works division , Orissa .during her execution of work about 35%of work completion she died. Can her legal  heir complete the work legally. Also the work was executed by the power of attorney of manjulata das officially. All the doc , bill, mb book , agreement signed by the power of the legal heir of manjulata das is interested to complete the remaining work with the help of her power of attorney legally. Because it the question of their survival regarding monetary manjulata das had a huge debt to do that work.please advice. Thanks

Answer 1

Vide Section 37of the Indian Contract Act, the representatives of a promisor are bound by the promise made by the (deceased promisor). Since the obligations on Manjulata are neither excused nor dispensed with, you are legally bound, as heirs as well as the legal representatives of the deceased, to fulfil her promise after her death. 

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