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Asked March 17, 2017

Information regarding court order

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As per Maharashtra State Consumer Dispute Redressal forum in its judgment dated 9th December 2015, it had banned few doctors/non advocates/ agents, by practicing in consumer forum. I want to know whether these doctors are now eligible to practice in consumer forum or not, have they got the stay order on the State Consumer judgment. How can I get to know this information? Can I file the RTI in this matter, if yes where should I file the RTI to get the copy of the Stay order.

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Sir, the copy of the stay order is generally public and could be available on the official forum of the website. Another way of obtaining this information is to visit the archives of the forum and request for furnishing the copy of the order. Here the clerk may take some charge and is usually a time taking process. Lastly you can also file RTI to the medical council of Maharashtra, seeking a list of names of doctors who were banned by the Consumer redressal forum for whatever reason. It is usually the medical council of the state or the national level that keeps a record of all doctors on record and any action or suspension against them is also recorded by this council.


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