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Rajshree Rathore
in Procedural Law Criminal Law
Asked June 10, 2017

Ink Analysis for authentication of documents

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Respected Lawyers I do not know in which category my plea falls. Kindly help by providing appropriate answer to my question. I am working on the authentication of suspected documents through ink analysis. Today no court is providing legal permission to carry out ink analysis, as they don’t want to harm the integrity of the documents being submitted. This specific aspect does not followed in countries like Russia, USA, Poland and many more. They are making convictions on the basis of ink analysis on routine basis. I need your help to convince legal authorities to throw light on this pitfall. Kindly suggest appropriate opinions.

Answer 1

The apprehension of the Court could be on the basis of availability facilty to conduct the process properly and the possible mismanagement of the documents. The plethora of cases cited by you from different jurisidictions can be employed to convince the judge to accept this as a form of authentication of docuemnts. This is entirely on the discretion of the Judge and as lawyers, one can bring this advancement of technology before the Judges to employ their discretion to ascertain the veracitt of this process. 

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