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Asked April 26, 2017

Insurance claim details

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My brother met with an accident (hit by a KTM duke Bikee) but the legal adviser and the police are filing the report on a Tata 407 which draged the Duke guy for 100mts. The duke guy hit my brother's bike after an unsuccessful overtake of the said 407. Here I need a clarification whether this makes any difference to my brother's claim in any case? He was badly hit and underwent brain surgery and recovering.

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Which City are you from? Also, would require more details hence please ping me on 9765136278

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no need to worry.

duke hit your brother and tata dragged duke guys.

its veru clear and simple.

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Sir, accident claims are governed by the Motor Vehicles Act, which says that claim can only

be made against the violators, who in this case seems to be the KTM bike. It is curious as to

why police if filing charges on TATA. Please clarify this and appoint a lawyer to secure your

brothers claim.

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