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Subhash Nag
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Asked June 06, 2017

Landowner's grandsons seek to cancel the deal of land done by the grandparent

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My father had a plot of agricultural land which he got from the owner by a regd kabuliatnama he made to the land owner now the land owner's grand sons are saying to cancel it. Can they do that?

Answer 1

Cancellation of kubuliyatnama depends upon the conditions incorporated in the document. Cancellation is valid only when terms and conditions of the document are breached by the party. For instance in the case of Ranaji Bheraji Vanjara v. Bakore Gram Panchayat, the contents of the kabuliyatnama was clear that upon committing breach of any of the conditions incorporated in the said kabuliyatnama, it was open to the Government authorities to take back possession of the plots in question. Similarly, if such contents exist in the Kabuliyatnama in question then cancellation may be initiated subject to such conditions, apart from which a valid Kubyliyatnama cannot be cancelled by the initial owners or any other related person(s).

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