Asked March 21, 2017

Lease of house: Legal complications

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My husband leased out the house which is brot in my name and i am paying EMI. the house loan and house is in my name but my husband put lease agreement in his name and took the entire amount and ran away. He is not working and dont know where he is now. the lease contract has expired and the tenant is after me for money. I am no where connnected to the lease amount as my husband didnt give a penny of that amount to me. My 90% of salary is going for EMI of house which i am unable to sell or rent out due to these lease people. Please advice how can i tackle this. I want them to vacate the house i am the sole personal earning and supporting my 7 yr old kid and my aged parents.

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Put a notice that because of wrong doing of ur husband u have terminated all relations with him and u won't be responsible for his acts, after that complain in police if possible against tenant not leaving house.

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