Yash Kochar
Asked March 29, 2017

licence for Liquor store: Home delivery

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What licences do I require if i wish to home deliver loose alcohol (30ml,60ml etc) in Mumbai and what licences do i require in order to not face any issues in the future including age verification. and is it possible for my company to collaborate with licence holding liquor shops to home deliver loose alcohol?

Answer 1

Sale of liquor in Maharashtra necessarily requires excise licence and permit. For delivery of liquor, permit for possession, sale and transport needs to be obtained from the excise officer. Even in case of collaboration with licence holding liquor shops separate transport licence is required for home delivery of the same. Pass for the transport of potable liquor can be applied via Form P.L. XI as under the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949[1] for obtaining certified transport pass. 


[1] Available at: https://stateexcise.maharashtra.gov.in/Pdf/Maharashtra_Excise_Manual_Vol-I.pdf

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