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Santosh K
in Corporate Law
Asked March 15, 2018

Liquor store online delivery possible or not

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can a licensed retail wine shop can sell liquor online and give the home delivery? Please explain the possibilities and obstacles to do so. Buyer<-->Online website<-->Licensed retail shop.

Answer 1

Selling liquor on an online medium can have several ramifications related to health, finance and crime like spurious liquor, underage consumers, etc. Excise and prohibition laws, therefore, forbid liquor vendors from solicitation, direct advertisements and online sale. Bulk sale, possession and transport of liquor without permits are also not allowed.

Kindly note that Section 23 of the Delhi Excise Act, 209 deals regarding the prohibition of sale to a certain person. Section 23 is reproduced here for your reference. 

Section 23 - Prohibition of sale to certain person - No person or licensed vendor or his employee or agent shall sell or deliver any liquor to any person apparently under the age of twenty five years, whether for consumption by self or others

The word “delivery” here has to be read in connotation with the word sell. The section cannot be interpreted to mean that (home) delivery of liquor is permissible to anyone above the age of 25 years.

Having said that, I would be able to advise you better upon discussion and depending upon the business model you may wish to adopt.




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