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Asked May 28, 2017

Listing of property as commercial for trade license

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Is it necessary to have a property listed as commercial, for address while applying for a trade license?

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The process foe procuring a trade license will vary from state to state therefore please state the state law under which the trade license is to be issued. For most of the commercial licenses, it is essential to provide an address for registration/communication. It is possible that the state law may not require that the address of the applicant should be a commerical property but it can create a problem in different ways. Suppose you apply for a license to open a eating joint which requires you to give an address for the place where the eating joint will be instituted. Now ideally this property should be a commerical property where licensing authority may not question you or inspect the property then but in case of any dispute you can be taken to the Court for conducting a commerical activity in a non-commercial property. Further, if suppose your property becomes a part of a legal dispute, you can be penalized for using it for commerical property. 

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    Thanks for your explanation. I am from West Bengal and I wish to start work as a freelance computer software developer and graphic designer. This will include selling my software and services online. Hence the need for trade license. But cost of converting my house into a commercial property will cost me a huge amount of money. Hence my next question will be, can I designate a part or portion of my house for commercial purpose and commercial property?

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