Shubham Singh
Asked July 07, 2016

malicious prosecution

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Sir the women ar tried illegal charges me and my family

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Saumya Kumar
It is quite well known that some women have employed the beneficiary legislations protecting women to harass their husbands and his family. The Courts are quite aware of the rising misuse of these laws. If the woman has filed a complaint against you and your family without any evidence then the Courts will not be able to charge you and then penalize. Further, if the charge is not proved by the woman, you can file a suit for malicious prosecution against the woman. A case for malicious prosecution can be filed when a person uses the legal process in a wrongful manner without any legal basis and with the only intention of harassing the other party. For a case of malicious prosecution, against the woman, you will have to prove that the woman had no basis to file such a complaint and it was done out malice with no legal objective.
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