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Meaning of PID/Khata/Survey

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what is the meaning of PID/Khata/Survey in proprty type for BBMP trade license?

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Answer framed by Ashwini Tallur, Lawfarm:


A Khata in terms of property stands for an account of a property. You need it to apply for electricity (BESCOM) and water (BWSSB) connections, for trade and building licenses, building plan approval. It is also one of the important documents to be submitted to a bank when you are applying for a loan.

An assessment/survey is carried out for properties that lie within the Bruhut Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) jurisdiction and every person who owns a property within BBMP limit MUST have a Khata. This account contains details about the property like size, location, area, built up area, etc., which help the revenue authorities in identifying who is liable for the payment of property tax. [1]

Any title holder of a property within the BBMP Jurisdiction can apply for a khatha in a prescribed form, along with relevant documents, to the concerned Assistant Revenue Officer. Application form can be obtained from any of the citizen service centers or any office of the Assistant Revenue Officer. The form also contains the list of documents to be filed. Filled up application form should be submitted at the jurisdictional office of the Assistant Revenue Officer and you will receive an acknowledgment.[2]

However, your name in the Khata does not imply that you are the owner of the property. It only signifies that you are responsible for paying tax for that property.

There is a common misconception that there two types of Khata ‘A Khata’ and ‘B Khata’. According to law, there is no such thing as A-Khata or B-Khata. It is an outcome of continuous misinterpretation of provisions and rules[3]. According to Rule 11 of the BBMP's Property Tax Rules 2009, the BBMP was to maintain a property register recording properties assessed to tax in Form-A, and properties not assessed to tax in Form-B. In a recent Karnataka High Court judgment, it was held that issuance of B-Khata is illegal and the Court directed the BBMP to ensure all properties in its jurisdiction are assigned Property Identification Number (PID) irrespective of being assessed for property tax or not.[4]

Section 114 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976 makes it mandatory to apply for change of Khatha when property is to be transferred from one person to another by registered sale deed or otherwise succession of property in the event of death of khathadar, within three months.[5]

Khatha Certificate & Khatha Extract can be obtained after paying Rs. 25/- & Rs. 100/- respectively for each copy from the concerned office of the Assistant Revenue Officer or at any of the Citizen Service Centers.


PID number:

In 2012, BBMP developed a GIS based Property Tax System covering whole BBMP jurisdictional area. As part of this System BBMP has provided a unique Property Identification Number (PID) to each & every Property in Bangalore. The PID Number is a combination of Ward number- Street Number-Plot number. A unique street number has been assigned to each and every Street and within the street a property number has been assigned.

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[1] FAQs on Khata, BBMP Official website. Available here.

[2] BBMP Official site.

[3] Such as Section 108-A(3) and Rule 11


[5] BBMP Official website.

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