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Asked October 03, 2017

Mental harassment by parents

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Below is the letter which I have typed to submit to any senior officer but before that I need a legal advice regarding the matter. I undersigned Aishwarya Satyanrayana Ramadevi Byri aged 20 residing at 302/A, Shiromani Towers Rajkamal compound, Parel, Mumbai -400012. Currently pursuing Medical in B.P.T (physiotherapy) from D.Y Patil University, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Sir I would like to inform you that on 22nd September 2017 I went to kalachowki police station. Where I have given in written that I am leaving my house because of my mom Ramadevi Byri who is mentally and physically torturing me since 5-6 Years and since she came to know I am in a relationship with a guy from another religion she does it more, She abuses me, taunts me, say me stuff which a mom won’t even think of telling her daughter , She at times even tells me that I am curse to them she should have aborted me the same time when they came to know I was a girl, these things my mom tells me every day, she even hits me with objects which leave swollen marks on my body at times and because of which I took my own decision that I will leave my house as I am an adult. The Constitution of India gives me this right and I have full authority to live it my way and I would be going to live with my boyfriend Ronak Singh Gulati until we get married, As we cannot get married right now because Ronak my boyfriend is aged 19 and according to the law we can’t get married. The same day after submitting the letter at Kalachowki police station we were called again at night around 9:30pm and my parents were trying to convince me that they won’t hit me they won’t tell me anything they will get me married to my boyfriend Ronak etc. They were telling all this thing in Hindi in front of the police inspector and simultaneously they were using telugu in between and saying that they will suicide and put the blame on me and Ronak and I felt that whatever they are trying to convince and saying that they will accept ronak was false so I said no I won’t go along with my parents and even that day all the police was in favour of us except one lady constable or officer I don’t know exactly she was in civil dress she was threatening me saying if I didn’t went with my parents they will put ronak under arrest torture him and then force me to go home except that lady all the inspector were like if the girl doesn’t want to live with her parents she has the whole right to do so and they sent me along with my boyfriend this happened between 9:30pm 22nd September 2017 till next day morning 3am 23rd September 2017 and we left police station in the morning at 3am Next day my parents were trying to contact me but I didn’t talked to them later at night of 23rd September 2017 my boyfriend gets a call from kalachowki police station that senior inspector wants to meet us regarding the matter we go there and we see that inside senior inspector’s cabin my father my mother and our temporary driver was there with one more male person inside and we go inside then next thing the senior inspector Popat Avhad tries to convince my boyfriend that if he doesn’t let me go home with my parents and it will be a problem for my boyfriend’s family for some or the other reason they can arrest them etc. and if the girl doesn’t want to go to her parents then he will send me to govt. safe house I was ready to go there but insp. Convinced me that me to go to with my parents I agreed at that time and gave Ronak few warnings like he can’t come in my area I can only meet her in college, he can’t take me to any of his house, etc. Next day 24th September 2017, my parents forcefully asked me to write a letter to kalachowki police station stating that I trust my parents and it’s my decision to go with my parents, I don’t want Ronak to try contacting me nor my parents anything happens to my parents sole responsible will be Ronak. This letter was forcefully asked to write by my parents against my own will after writing the letter I was again taken to insp. Popat where he told in front of my parents to me that even if I would have opted to go to safe house he would have use his power and arrest me and Ronak and torture Ronak until I say that I want to go home. They contacted my college authorities regarding this matter and told them everything against us, they even got an aged person to meet me showing that he is a contract killer this person was brought by so called driver. They told me that he has done so and so killings already and he will keep an eye on me if Ronak tried contacting me and come near me they will do something to him. All the thing happened on the date of 23rd and 24th one of my dad’s contact helped him out and that person was our driver he was the one who did talking with inspector and others and I saw my dad giving that driver money and even to few more people who came to my house even to the person whom they showed me as contract killer I am afraid of My and Ronak’s life as we are getting threatened and my parents are talking about stopping my studies and sending me abroad against my will my dad says he has many influences and he can get everything right . Currently I am living with my mom alone at my residence as my dad works in Riyadh Bank in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, they have kind of house arrested me I can’t talk to anyone without their permission , I can’t go out of my house without my mom not even to my college, even in college if want to go washroom also she would come along at that’s what mentally stressing me out due to which I can’t concentrate on my studies currently they are not even letting me go to college also and as I said they are trying to send abroad against my will. I am just mentally stressed because some people are either forcing me and threating me. I just request you to kindly help me getting out of my house with my documents and belongings such as addhar card, pan card, passport, and my rest of the clothes as the treat me in an ill manner I just don’t want to live with them because staying there is internally killing me daily because of some or the other reason my mom will taunt me and disturb my mental peace if this thing continues I may do something to myself. You are my last hope after whatever happened in kalachowki police station under inspector Popat Avhad I just lost trust from everyone as I thought going to police station would help me but instead they were only threating us I just request u to please help me out and give me and my boyfriend Ronak Singh Gulati protection from my parents.

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Dear Sir/madam,

Such a police complaint can directly be presented in front of the Superintendent of Police of the area via registered post.

Furthermore, a complaint directly before the magistrate can be presented under Section 339[1] and 340[2] of the Indian Penal Code which talk about Wrongful Restraint and Wrongful Confinement. Because until one has not attained the age of majority, these sections are not applicable. However, in this case you both are above 18 years of age.


[1] Whoever voluntarily obstructs any person so as to prevent that person from proceeding in any direction in which that person has a right to proceed, is said wrongfully to restrain that person.


[2] Whoever wrongfully restrains any person in such a manner as to prevent that person form proceeding beyond certain circumscribing limits, is said "wrongfully to confine" that person.

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